Apr 26, 2011

a glimpse into topeka's pix with chix

I ablsolutely love this time of year!!! It is when I get to break out of the house with my camera SO often!! That also means it is crazy busy and this is the first chance I have had to post a Pix with Chix glimpse!

All eyes were on the chickies! All chickies were on kiddos!

The weather was gorgeous! Thankfully, the expected rain stayed away and left us with a windy, windy day. All in all, the wind was not really that big of deal, though.

We all had such fun with all the soft birds... even the stuffed ducky that came to visit with his boy. ;D

I hope everyone is excited about next year! I can't wait!

a glimpse into kc's pix with chix

Pix with Chix in KC was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out and allowed me to share such a memorable and fun event with you and your children. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! 

The weather was most agreeable and the chicks were so soft and entertaining! 

Although... they weren't quite as entertaining as the children playing with them!

Some of the kiddos couldn't get enough chickies and some little ones were happier with the small birds a "safe distance away."

I think it's safe to say that everyone had a great time and will not forget our time together anytime soon. :)

My favorite photo of the whole day still has to be this guy:

He kept giving the baby chicks baby kisses. You know how babies kiss... wide open mouth.  Every time he would kiss them, it looked like he was taking a bite! LOL! So precious and absolutely adorable!!!

Stay tuned for a glimpse into Topeka's event!! :D

Mar 30, 2011

quick update...

Pix with Chix


Pix with Chix

are both FULL!!!!

Pray for sunshine, folks!

Mar 29, 2011

sadness and joy

My last post joyously awaited Pix with Chix here in Topeka. The weather was forcast as nice with minimal chance of rain. My kids were excited, you were excited, I was excited... the weather... was disagreeable. I had to postpone the day of fun that was planned. :( Pix with Chix has been rescheduled for Sunday April 10th. Most people were able to move their time (someone joined the KC event), however there are still two spots available. If you or a friend would like to join us, please please please get in touch with me! I am still so excited for this event... I even have a new prop I am bringing!!! :) As great as this reschedule is... it isn't even the "joy" from the title...!

I want my FaceBook page to be more than just a boring page. I want it to be more of a two sided page for me and others who love photography. I truly believe that you do not have to have a beautiful large camera like mine to catch some really great, creative, or fun stuff! I am formulating a plan to make my page a place for you to participate! Maybe have some photo games you can participate in! I love playing with my camera and photos and I know there are many others who enjoy it also. Whether with your phone camera, a simple point and shoot, or a DSLR I want YOU to come play on FaceBook with me... and your camera! :D Keep an eye out for the "rules" and upcoming games!!! 

Pst... don't forget to *like* the page (www.facebook.com/faithfotos)  because you can't play if you aren't there...!

Mar 23, 2011

funny bunny

These were a few of the test shots I took of our Pix with Chix location here in Topeka! If you have a time scheduled, you should have received an email confirming your appointment time. The email also included the address. It is fairly easy to find, however, if you have trouble, feel free to call me. I will have someone available to give directions.

Time spots are all full! (Yay!) If you missed this opportunity, spring is still a prime opportunity to have your child(ren)'s photos or family photos taken. Call me (or text if you prefer) at 785 506-1534 to schedule a time.

I can't wait to see all the "funny bunnies" this Saturday! :D

Mar 20, 2011

BBG drawing

Well, the results are in... I went to www.random.org to randomly select the big winner of a FREE newborn photo session and the winner is... (imagine a drumroll here...) HANNAH STRONG!!!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered and those of you who spread the word along! The link to my giveaway was posted a total of 57 times!!! Yay!! Those of you who did not win still get a big CONGRATULATIONS because that precious baby coming your way is worth a celebration of its own!

Although the session will not be free, I would LOVE to capture your babe's first photos too! Here is a link to the baby page on my website and here is the maternity. While you are there, take a look around at the other areas of life I photograph! Session fees can be found here and I do offer packages for baby's first year.

I am sooooo excited to have met you all!! Be sure to keep an eye out for special events, sales, or any other news here and on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/faithfotos. Pix with Chix is quickly approaching for KC and Topeka contact me today if you are interested in making an appointment! Have a WONDERFUL day! :D

Mar 15, 2011


It's my birthday!!! Yay!!! I love birthdays! They are filled with fun and surprises and CAKE! Personally, I do prefer cookies, but you get the idea. I want to share the magic of my birthday this year with you! No, I can't bring you cake (or cookies as the case may be) and you can't have my presents. I would like to give you one of your own! Tell your friends too!! I know this blog and my facebook page are new, but word is slowly spreading and I want your help!! If you or someone you know is expecting, send them here! From now until Sunday at noon (12:00pm CST) I will take entries to win a free newborn photo session! Precious sleepy eyes, little fingers, tiny toes, and sweet little bums don't last long. I have some new props I am itching to use for one lucky momma and baby!

1. Go to my FaceBook page and "like" it. www.facebook.com/faithfotos While you are there, feel free to leave me a little love and post! :D
2. Leave a comment HERE saying you liked the page with your email address in the comment.

1. Post a link to this giveaway on your wall.
2. Leave a comment HERE saying you linked the giveaway with your email address in the comment.

"Fine Print":
Photos need to be taken with in the first two weeks of baby's life. The sooner the better! Prize must be used in 2011.